Vocal Performance

Pop Gun Rerun has BOTH male and female lead vocalists – both of whom were Top 50 finalists on American Idol and X-Factor, respectively – which means that the songs will sound like the original artist…just the way you remember.

No Backing Tracks

Most of the cover and tribute artists are performing with prerecorded backing tracks. Musicians do this because they are unable to play or sing the parts that most listeners consider “irreplaceable” in the original song. Basically, this is karaoke on a live stage. PGR doesn’t believe in using backing tracks or sequencing, because we are tailoring our performance to the reaction of the crowd. If you have ever seen a performance with “tracks” go really bad…well, you’ll understand why we never use them. Absolutely EVERYTHING you hear on stage is played and sung live….because that’s the way nature intended it.

Visual Presentation

Let’s face it, a live musical performance is about the “show”. With multiple 80’s inspired costume changes, carefully prepared choreography, and crowd interaction, PGR will give your event attendees what they are truly craving from a concert; a real SHOW!


The 1980’s was one of the most diverse musical decades of all time – with multiple genres populating the Top 40 charts at the same time. PGR convincingly covers over 100 of the top songs from genres such as Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, New Wave / Alternative, Dance and Funk. Whether your event requires an hour of Rock songs or two hours of Dance music, PGR has all of the bases covered.


With over 80 years of combined experience, the members of Pop Gun Rerun are true professionals at our craft. We understand our role – to make our client look like a Rock Star to their event attendees. When you hire PGR, you get attitude-free performers who are courteous, punctual, and professional at all times. You WILL look like a Rock Star – That is our promise.